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Tallit Bags

Tallit Bags

The day starts with prayer. The Tallit is lovingly taken out of its bag, wrapped over the face and after the blessing has been recited, it is carefully adjusted over the body. After that, the Tefillin are respectfully removed from their bag – the Tefillin of the Head and the Hand and they are donned with meticulous attention to the detailed laws.

Your tallit and tefillin bag set are an expression of the importance you attach to this mitzvah and your wish to protect these holy objects. Tefillin.biz offers a selection of lower priced sets. We want these to be affordable to every Jew.

The fabric is velvet – always first choice for Tallit and Tefillin Bags and the color is royal or dark blue – also the usual first choice. The designs are simple but attractive and appealing to the eye. There is a choice of geometric shapes, embroidered in the corner or in the center. These are decorated with flowers, crowns or curly shapes. The words “Tallit” or “Tefillin” is written in Hebrew in the center.

They can be purchased separately should you wish to buy just a Tefillin or just a Tallit bag. An optional additional item is a clear heavy duty plastic zipped bag. We strongly urge you to accept the option of embroidering your name on the bag(s) in Hebrew or English letters. This can be of inestimable help when you need to identify your Tefillin in a crowded Synagogue or school hall.

Tallit and Tefillin have been worn by Jews throughout the ages in the most trying circumstances. Our enemies have known that the Tallit and Tefillin bind the heart and mind of the Jew to G-d and as far back as the ancient Romans, wearing Tefillin was punishable by death. In more recent times, the Holocaust, the Germans destroyed countless Tallit and Tefillin in an effort to wipe out Jewish identity. There are harrowing stories of how Jews risked their lives to wear Tefillin just one more time. Often, it was indeed the last time.

More recently, we have seen how soldiers in the IDF, Israel’s Defense Forces, took a break from the battle front in order to done their Tallit and Tefillin and pray with devotion. There are many photographs of soldiers in full battledress standing immersed in prayer crowned with Tallit and Tefillin. One soldier related an amazing story – after a night of fighting, he was resting on the sand strip. At dawn he stood up to begin his prayers. Standing at a distance, wearing his Tallit and Tefillin, a bomb fell on the very spot where he had been seated.

Yes, our Tallit and Tefillin protect us spiritually and physically!

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