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Behind the name is a dedicated team fired by a dream - quality Tefillin and Mezuzah scrolls written in Israel, available to anyone living in any corner of the globe. The team is energized by Yeshivah graduate, Yosef Belz, known to everyone as Yossi, and his partner Uriel.

They were one of the first to sell Judaica online in the year 2002. An accomplished scribe and a person who loves helping others, Yossi wanted to share his knowledge on the intricacies of his trade so he put up articles on-line, helping people make informed choices before they purchased parchment scrolls.

Seeing the marketing potential, he joined with Uriel and formed Pe'er HaSTaM and its subsidiary company Beginning with Kosher parchment scrolls, they soon branched out into other related fields of Judaica items. "The aim is an all-in-one approach," explains Yossi. "If someone is buying a Mezuzah, Tefillin or Megillah scroll, we offer him the opportunity to purchase a Tallit or Tefillin bag too. Read more

Our Clients Love Us

This is to let you know we have received the Tefillin and bag and are very happy with them, we are pleased with the quality and service we would not hesitate to recommend your store to anyone. Yours sincerely.

David S. 10/2020

Our son's bar mitzvah is in October but I heard of the postal delays and decided to order the Tefillin early. I was getting a bit tense and began praying. Thank G-d, it arrived (August 16) so we are in good time. So, now, we can prepare for the great day.

Margaret, Chicago 9/2020

My son will soon be bar mitzvah. It was important for me that he has Tefillin written in Israel. I also wanted a certificate confirming that it was 100% Kosher. I ordered from this site because I felt that they specialized in the field and had experience. I was not disappointed.

Customer 8/2020
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