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Tefillin Accessories and Parts

We know that Tefillin are an expensive item. The parchment, straps and boxes are prepared in accordance with scrupulous laws that have many details. The texts on the scrolls are written by G-d fearing pious scribes who have mastered the complex laws regarding the formation of the letters. Using a special quill it can take many hours to write just one paragraph. So, having purchased your precious Tefillin, you will want to make sure that they are well looked-after, in the best way possible.

Tefillin.biz offers you a number of Tefillin accessories that you will find useful and helpful...

Start with a choice of mirrors that come together with the special prayers recited when donning the Tefillin. In this way, beginners especially, can make sure that the Head Tefillin are placed precisely on the front of the head, just above the hairline. Keep the mirrors with you in your Tefillin bag so that you can whip it out and quickly check the positioning of the Tefillin.

For straps that maybe become worn or damaged, Tefillin.biz offers a number of options for replacement straps. There are plastic Tefillin covers for the Tefillin. If the black color on the Tefillin straps fades, we offer a professional black ink to carefully paint them.

If the long black straps of the Head Tefillin becomes coiled and entwined, not advisable according to Halachah, we offer an innovative solution – pretty clips to that will keep them firmly in place. The Star of David is an attractive touch.

To be inspired, informed and enlightened on the Mitzvah of Tefillin, treat yourself to the well-known “Tefillin and Barmitzvah” book of stories – a best seller in Hebrew, now translated into English.

Tefillin.biz wishes you long and satisfying years of use with your Tefillin. This precious mitzvah is a unique expression of the Jewish People’s special relationship with G-d. From Mt. Sinai until today, the Jews have distinguished themselves with unparalleled devotion to the mitzvah of Tefillin, often risking their lives just to don them for one moment without even reciting the blessing. There are moving stories relating how after the fall of Communism, scores of elderly Jews left Russia and arrived in Israel. Cut off from their Jewish roots since childhood, they were totally ignorant of Jewish practice. When they were offered the opportunity to wear Tefillin, many felt a sense of joy that here in their own Land, they were free to observe Jewish laws and practice them. One of them related that his parents were totally irreligious but he remembers that his grandfather wore Tefillin secretly every day. This inspired him to discover more about his Jewish roots.

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