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Tallit - Jewish Prayer Shawl

This category carries the general name of Tallit. However, in addition, you will find here a wide choice of additional Tallit-connected items: Tallit bags, techelet threads, Tzizit, Tallit Katan for adults and children and accessories to help wash your tzitzit and keep them shining clean. So browse and become informed and knowledgeable on everything you ever wanted to know about the Tallit!

The origin of the Tallit is the Biblical command (Numbers 15:38-39) instructing the Jewish people to make fringes on the corners of their garments. In the times of the Talmud, people wore a four-cornered garment to which the Tzitzit were attached. As the clothing style changed, the Sages stipulated the wearing of a special 4 cornered cloak-like garment, known as the tallit that wraps around the body. From Bar Mitzvah or marriage, depending on the custom, this is worn during morning prayers.

Tefillin.biz carries a range of Tallitot to meet your taste, custom and pocket. The traditional 100% wool tallit, sewn by the world-famous Talitania Company, comes in a variety of weights, fabric combinations and fringe styles. We also offer special tallitot made in accordance with special customs - for Chabad followers, Yemenite Jews and others. For the adventurous, there is a choice of tasteful colorful Tallitot with a variety of themes. Demonstrate your ties with Israel with a Star of David or Jerusalem or Seven Species design.

The Tallitot come in a choice of sizes with various additional options. For a nominal extra charge, you can add a tallit or tefillin bag, a Kippa, clips or a protective plastic bag with zipper. A choice of tzitzit is offered including the well-known Techelet-blue thread which comes with comes with the Radzin authorization.

For those who prefer to attach the tzitzit themselves – considered meritorious – you can purchase the strands separately. A word of caution! Make sure you know how to do this and if you are not sure, only do it under supervision. Tefillin.biz offers a choice: thick or thin handmade Ashkenazi Chassidic or Sephardic tzitzit and of course the blue Tekhelet thread in a choice of thick or thin.

Our Tallit and Tefillin bags are elegant without being bombastic – a neat geometric design in the center or the corner decorated with a flower or crown and the word Tallit or Tefillin written in Hebrew. For an additional nominal fee, you can embroider your name on the outside – in Hebrew or English. That way, your bag will always be identified even in a crowd. Call our staff for assistance with spelling or choice of color.

You will find on our site a wide choice of Tallit Katans, worn throughout the day under the shirt. For those who have sensitive skins or find this burdensome in the heat, enjoy an innovative undershirt with the tzitzit attached. This comes in children’s and adult sizes. It is a boon for active young boys, sport fans or boys attending camps.

Make the mitzvah of Tallit Katan exciting for those little ones. They will love to wear one of our designs sporting a choice of colorful themes. Whether it is, I am Three, a Western Wall, Sefer Torah or a picture of dancing boys, there are exciting pictures and the children will enjoy choosing each morning the color and design of the day. Make sure you have a quantity in the house. Those little ones need to change their arba kanfos often.

Finally, to ease the laundry burden, we offer a laundry bag net specifically designed to help your tzitzit and make it easier for washing, a Tallit Whitener and stain remover and a washing aide for keeping the tzitzit wrinkle-free.

Tefillin.biz thanks you for spending time with us. We welcome your interest and we look forward to future visits - any time - from the comfort and convenience of your home.

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