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Tefillin Bags

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Showing 1-32 out of 117 items

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Quality Tefillin Bags and Protectors

A first is always exciting. We feel your thrill as you plan to buy a first tefillin bag for yourself, your son or grandson. Perhaps you are replacing or upgrading your existing tefillin bag or maybe you are planning a trip and want a strong and sturdy bag to hold your tefillin? If a birthday or other milestone is coming up, why not celebrate the occasion with a gift of a new tallit and tefillin bag set for your husband/father/ son.

Whatever the reason for your purchase, you will find on the Tefillin Biz site, a selection of reasonably priced holders for your tallit and tefillin. Amongst them, you will surely find one that suits your taste and pocket.

Tallit and Tefillin bags are made from a choice of materials but velvet remains the world’s favorite. Its soft gentle feel and luxurious look are always impressive. Dignified dark blue remains the first choice. Scroll through and enjoy a choice of designs…

Some of our tefillin bags display various geometric shapes in the center. Others have pretty corners. If you appreciate a floral design, you will these too. Then there are crowns, Lions of Judah crouching by the Two Tablets, colorful Breastplate images or Vilna Pillar designs. Looking for an original style? Go for the Jerusalem crescent moon design or the artist’s image of Jerusalem with its domes and arches and palm trees.

Some of the bags on display in our site are for Tefillin only – intended for the Bar Mitzvah boy, adolescent or young adult who will be donning only Tefillin until he marries and has a tallit too. Also in the selection are sets – separate and matching Tallit and Tefillin Bags. On many of the bags, the embroidery design includes the word “Tallit” or “Tefillin” clearly designating the bag.

Another fabric that is becoming increasingly popular is faux suede. This is attractive, durable and trendy. You will find a choice of designs: striped, wheat, Old City Jerusalem, Choshen and the most intriguing is the Chabad set featuring a picture of the world famous headquarters of the movement at 770 Broadway in Crown Heights, New York.

Boys who are travelling, serving in the army or undertaking hiking trips need a Tallit and Tefillin holder that is sturdy, water and rain proof and made of fabric that will withstand knocks and falls. We offer a choice of thermal bags in a choice of colors. They come with a tallit bag and some have useful travel extras – compass, comb, traveler’s prayer or thermometer.

To personalize your Tallit and Tefillin bag you will surely want to add your name. Tefillin.biz offers you the option of embroidery in Hebrew or English. If you have queries or wish to discuss the spelling of the name, the color of the thread or where it should be embroidered – just give us a call. Our kind courteous service is well known and our staff are known for their patience and concern. Goods are usually dispatched within three days. If there is a delay for any reason, we will be in touch with you.

Tefillin.biz esteems its customers and your satisfaction is our most important consideration. A satisfied customer will be our ambassador. So, let us help you with your purchase so that it will give you lasting pleasure and satisfaction.

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