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Hi, I just want to let you know that I received my Tefillin today, thank you so much for sending replacement order. I hope you have a great day.

Yaron O, CA 6/2016

Thanks, again, for your help. My son is looking forward to his bar mitzvah in December at the kotel and is very happy with his new tefillin!"

David R., FL 11/2013

Shalom, .... By the way, I was stunned by the quality of the tefillin that I ordered the first time. This item is for my cousin for its bar mizvath and be sure he will be overjoyed. Shabbath shalom

Alan S., France 8/2015

I got the tefillin in the mail yesterday and used them today, they are beautiful. thank you very much. also thank you for enclosing a copy of the klafs

Joel B., NY 8/2015

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how happy I am with the Tefillin Gasos I just received!!! Thank you for making them to order as I requested.

Moshe Z., Netherlands 6/2013

Thank you for the beautiful embroidery work you did on my son's Tefillin bag, and for sending it out so quickly. We had it just one week after it was ordered! I am so glad that I stumbled upon your web site.

Edward J., NY 3/2013

I am absolutely delighted with my Tefillin, Mezuzot and Tzitzit ordered from you. The quality is superb, and it order also arrived in record time! I'll certainly be using your site again in the future. Thank you!

Greg J. 6/2013

Dear Sirs: I wish to inform you that I have received my recent order from you for a new set of Tafillin. I was extremely pleased with the quality and service that you offered. This set replaces a previous set of Tafillin that is over 50 years old.

Frank J., CA 7/2015

Just to let you know, I received the teffillin order today. Thank you very much. Shanah Tova.

Bella W., NJ 9/2013

The Tefillin arrived in excellent condition. They are beautiful and just as described. Thank you very much. Have a G'Mar Chatima Tova.

Ethan G., NY 10/2014

Just to let you know I have received the order today. We are very happy with it. My son can now have a wonderful Bar Mitzvah ceremony with all the right gear. Thank you for all your help.

Sean D., UK 2/2016

I received the tefillin today! Thank you. Everything is just perfect.

Sam M., Texas 10/2014

Received my order on Tuesday and was very pleased with all the enclosed items. Thanks again for your good work very pleased.

George K., Texas 7/2014

Thanks so much for sending my new tefillin boxes. Your service remains fantastic - I am very impressed with how quickly the order arrived and that you replaced the broken ones for free.

Lynne, US 12/2015

We just received our order in less than a week from time placing. Thanks for prompt service. I loved everything we purchased: Great Tefilin Mehudarim with embroidered bags. The Mezuzah's are also very impressive. I will always purchase from you, and will definitely refer you to others. Great shoping experience!!!! Thanks again.

Daniel F., US 7/2014

Just wanted to update you that my order arrived yesterday and that it exceeded my expectations beyond belief - thank you very much - now I can lay Tefillin with my new pair! Thank you!

Jon., Denmark 11/2013

I just wanted to tell you all that you are the best. The Tefillin are wonderful, your customer service was excellent, and shipping was on time. You have the best prices and such great quality products. May Hashem bless your every endeavor from now until Mashiach comes! B"H!

Richie B. 2/2014

Dear Friends!I received my order yesterday.Thank you very much for the excelent service. It is just perfect. I will be ordering again and soon. Estou muito contente em ter comprado com voeês. Um grande abraço aqui do Brasil

Pedro, Brazil 7/2015

We just received the Talit/Tfilin order. It is absolutely stunning and we wanted to thank you for your excellent and very FAST service. We received everything you promised. The engraving is beautiful and the Jerusalem Talit is gorgeous too. Thank you again.

Steve R. 7/2015

My tallis and tefillin arrived today and they are absolutely beautiful! I am just thrilled with my order and look forward to davening with them tomorrow and for a long time to come! I look forward to doing business with you again soon. Thank you so much!

David G., USA 4/2015
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