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Letters and testimonials from satisfied customers

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It was amazing! Great price and Fantastic service, the Tefillin arrived direct from Israel in about 7-8 days. Thank you.

Jim B. 7/2021

These tefillin are superb! Thank you so much. Customer service after sale was excellent. Very pleased. Thanks!

Jacob A. 7/2021

Excellent quality. Would highly recommend to my friends. Easy ordering and easy delivery. I am very happy with the tefillin and talis. It meets my expectation.

Jose Ramirez 6/2021

Great quality Tefillin at a fair price. This was my first tefillin I am looking forward to using it. Bright gold Hebrew lettering on protection cover of box.

Azariah K. 6/2021

Kosher and great quality. It came with an additional Tefilin bag and plastic support I also had the scroll checked just in case and it was perfect. Reliable seller and sofer

David L. 6/2021

This is to let you know we have received the Tefillin and bag and are very happy with them, we are pleased with the quality and service we would not hesitate to recommend your store to anyone. Yours sincerely.

David S. 10/2020

Our son's bar mitzvah is in October but I heard of the postal delays and decided to order the Tefillin early. I was getting a bit tense and began praying. Thank G-d, it arrived (August 16) so we are in good time. So, now, we can prepare for the great day.

Margaret, Chicago 9/2020

My son will soon be bar mitzvah. It was important for me that he has Tefillin written in Israel. I also wanted a certificate confirming that it was 100% Kosher. I ordered from this site because I felt that they specialized in the field and had experience. I was not disappointed.

Customer 8/2020

The Tefillin I ordered three weeks ago arrived today. In spite of Covid-19 delays. I am sure an angel from above was guiding my package from the Holy Land to my doorstep.

Jonah, New York 8/2020

I am recovering from a bad case of Covid-19. When I was in a low state, I promised the Almighty that if I recovered I would go back to putting on Tefillin. He granted my request and I knew I must keep my promise. My Rabbi said I can rely on your website. The Tefillin arrived today in perfect shape. I wore them today and feel a new person. To you all Shalom u'Brachah and briyut only good health.

James from London 8/2020

My tallit and tefillin arrived yestarday and they are absolutely beautiful! I am absolutely thrilled with my order and look forward to praying with them tomorrow and for a long time to come!

Saar K. 8/2020

Thank you so much! The Tefillin set got here today in plenty of time! I appreciate it so much and will tell my friends who are looking for Tefillin for bar-mitzvah as well how easy you made it.

Abigail S. 7/2020

Thank you. I am very happy with my order, The tefilin are perfect and the velvet bags are beautiful! Toda Raba!

Aaron L. 5/2020

Hi, I just want to let you know that I received my Tefillin today, thank you so much for sending replacement order. I hope you have a great day.

Yaron O, CA 6/2016

Thanks, again, for your help. My son is looking forward to his bar mitzvah in December at the kotel and is very happy with his new tefillin!"

David R., FL 11/2013

Shalom, .... By the way, I was stunned by the quality of the tefillin that I ordered the first time. This item is for my cousin for its bar mizvath and be sure he will be overjoyed. Shabbath shalom

Alan S., France 8/2015

I got the tefillin in the mail yesterday and used them today, they are beautiful. thank you very much. also thank you for enclosing a copy of the klafs

Joel B., NY 8/2015

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how happy I am with the Tefillin Gasos I just received!!! Thank you for making them to order as I requested.

Moshe Z., Netherlands 6/2013

Thank you for the beautiful embroidery work you did on my son's Tefillin bag, and for sending it out so quickly. We had it just one week after it was ordered! I am so glad that I stumbled upon your web site.

Edward J., NY 3/2013

I am absolutely delighted with my Tefillin, Mezuzot and Tzitzit ordered from you. The quality is superb, and it order also arrived in record time! I'll certainly be using your site again in the future. Thank you!

Greg J. 6/2013
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