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The word Tallit refers to the traditional four corner garment with the Tzitzit strands attached that is worn by Jewish boys and men. Let us differentiate clearly between the two kinds of Tallits used in Jewish practice.

The Tallit Katan is the simple slip-over poncho-like garment that a Jewish boy begins to wear at the age of three under his shirt. It has four tzitzit tassels hanging from its four corners – a beautiful expression of Jewish identity.

The Tallit Gadol is the wrap-over sheet-like fringed prayer shawl worn during morning prayers. Some have the custom to begin wearing this at the age of 13. Others only start after they are married. It is not worn for afternoon or evening prayers but it is usually donned out of respect by anyone called to the Reading from the Torah scroll.

There are special laws governing how the Tzitzit strings should be attached to the corners. The knots and threads passing through them have to be done in a prescribed fashion. The various customs and practices are all based on tradition and different rulings.

Tefillin.biz brings you a brief selection of the scores of Tallits (or tallitot) on the market. Enjoy the varieties of fabric, color and design. There are different shades and widths of stripes. There are various styles of atarah, the neck piece - embroidered with a design or the Tallit blessing. We are confident that you will find at Tefillin.biz a tallit that meets your budget, taste and life style. Of course, if you have queries or would like additional information, make sure to contact our staff. They are experts in helping customers clarify and sort out their needs.

Talitania, maestro of tallitot, offers us a wide choice. The traditional wool fabric remains the favorite with a light weight alternative designed to be comfortable for those sensitive to the weight of the wool. Alternatively, there are acrylic tallitot or wool and acrylic blends. A recent innovation is the non-slip wool Tallit, ensuring that it stays comfortably on the shoulders and does not disturb the focus on the prayers.

You will find on tallit.biz a Tallit appropriate for followers of the Chabad movement and a Tallit that follows the Yemenite tradition. There is also a Tallit in the Sephardic style with beautiful net fringes.

In recent years, colored tallitot have become popular and here on Tefillin.biz you will find a selection. Show your love of Israel with a blue and white Star of David design. Still thinking about Israel, you have the Seven Species or the Jerusalem design. The Josephs Coat is a colorful striped tallit representation of the famous garment.

If you are looking for an extraordinary Tallit that is handwoven on looms using the ancient craft of weaving we recommend a Weaving Creation tallit. In addition to impeccable workmanship, you will find a rich variety of colors and textures. As they weave each tallit their studio in Jerusalem, the owners pray and utter mystical devotions. Yes, these tallitot are higher priced but hold one in your hand, feel its spirituality and you will understand.

Note – all the tallitot of tefillin.biz come with additional options. You can add a Tallit and Tefillin bag set, a kippah, clips, a heavy duty plastic zipped bag for protection. There is a choice of tzitzit – Ashkenaz, Yemenite or Sefardi. You can also embroider your name on the tallit, the bag or the kippah.

We wish you many years of inspiration wearing of your Tallit, praying with joy and uplift.

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