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Tallit Katan

Tallit Katan

The Jews were commanded in the Bible (Numbers 15:38-39) to make fringes on the four corners of their garments. In older times, a four-cornered garment was the norm. Today, when clothing styles have changed, a special poncho-like, four-corner slipover garment is worn under the shirt. Fringes are attached to the four corners in the prescribed fashion and the garment is known as a Tallit Katan.

The custom is for the child to begin wearing a Tallit Katan when he is three years old. This is a great occasion. It is often celebrated with a party and a family get-together and the custom is for the child to enjoy his first hair cut then too. He is presented with his first Tallit Katan and having been well-prepared in advance, he understands that this is a great privilege.

For adults, Tefillin.biz offers a choice of a wool or cotton Tallit Katan. If this is burdensome in hot active summers when everyone wants to simplify their clothing, there is a great innovation - tzitzit threads attached to the undershirt! At Tefillin.biz, you will find this garment in adult and child sizes. It is very popular year-round but in the summer sales soar. The genius who thought of this idea has created a boon for active children, for sportsmen and for boys who are hiking or camping.

Take a look at our colorful Tallit Katans, especially made for young children. The mitzvah of wearing Tzitzit will be exciting and attractive when you present them with a choice of pictures and designs. It is hard to make a choice – they are all so colorful and presentable. Make sure that you have a few in the closet. Those active little kids need to change their tallit katan daily. Enjoy scrolling through the exciting pictures… the alef beit, children learning Torah, modeh ani, Tehillim theme and a My first Tallit Katan picture. A must for Chabad followers is the Tallit Katan with an image of the world-famous Chabad headquarters building in New York.

All Tefillin.biz tallit katans are made in Israel. The colorful children’s are one size made from quality cotton-polyester. They carry the recognized Kosher certificate.

Wearing a Tallit Katan is a unique and wonderful way to remind the wearer of his Jewish identity. If he wears his tzitzit hangout, he is making a proud declaration of who he is. It is written that one who meticulously observes the mitzvah of tzitzit will be worthy of G-d’s Divine presence. So, we see that this is a major mitzvah not to be taken lightly.

Tzitzit have also helped to rescue people in danger. Years ago, a member of the Tefillin.biz staff was in the States on vacation with her husband. Driving to New York one evening after midnight, the engine suddenly petered out. They were stranded. It was before the advent of cell phones so there was no way to communicate or call for help. It was a cold drizzly winter night and they stood on the roadside feeling despondent. To stop a passing car was inviting danger. To remain on the highway until the morning was equally dangerous. Finally, in desperation, they gave the thumbs up signal. An hour later, not a single car had stopped. And then a car drove by, stopped and a young man and a young man jumped out. “Are you in trouble? What can I do to help?” he asked. Without another word, he took them into his car and drove them to New York to their destination. Chatting on the way, he explained why he stopped. “I never give attention to people who are trying to thumb a ride but when I saw your white tzitzit swaying in the wind, I knew you were a genuine case that needed help!”

Hurray for the Tzitzit!

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