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Tefillin Bag

Tefillin Bags

The Bar Mitzvah is approaching. The young boy is excited, eagerly anticipating the great day – the ceremony, the party and the attention and compliments that will be showered on him. In the flurry of activities, don’t forget that the real milestone of the bar mitzvah event is the word “mitzvah” – the significance of the event is that it is the age when a Jewish boy accepts on himself the observance of the mitzvahs.

Foremost amongst the Mitzvahs that become obligatory at the age of thirteen is the mitzvah of Tefillin – the daily donning of the sacred phylacteries on the head and hand. This costly item is usually used for a lifetime and in many families the father’s or grandfather’s tefillin become a legacy passed on from generation to generation.

As a mark of respect for the Tefillin and an expression of your respect for this holy article, you will want to protect them and keep them in a clean place free from dust and dirt. The first protection is to store them in what is popularly known as a Tefillin Bag. A convenient zipper at the top will enable you to easily take them out and return them to the bag every day.

Tefillin.biz offers you a choice of velvet bags in various shades of blue – the most popular color. Velvet is the fabric of choice for tefillin bags. It is sturdy, long lasting and keeps its luxurious look. The designs we offer are uncomplicated – suitable for the bar mitzvah boy who wants an uncluttered look. Most are geometrical shapes in the center or on the side – adorned with flowers, crowns or swirling lines and shapes.

We warmly recommend that you embroider your name on the Tefillin. This will clearly identify your Tefillin – vital if you pray in a school, Yeshivah or Synagogue where there may be scores of other boys and men wearing Tefillin at the same time. With your name embroidered on the bag, there is a much greater possibility of the Tefillin being returned to you should you forget them in any place.

In Israel, one of the stores that sells Tefillin also operates a Lost and Found Tefillin Department. Any Tefillin that are found throughout the country are delivered there and if someone has lost his Tefillin, he contacts the store to see if they have been handed in. Although some sets stay with them for years, many are returned to their owners within a short time. There is one remarkable story of a tourist who left his Tefillin at the Kotel and had to rush to the airport for his return flight. Someone found the Tefillin and delivered them to the store. On subsequent trips, the tourist totally forgot about the tefillin until some ten years later when he contacted the store and there they were, waiting for him!

You can embroider your name on the outside in Hebrew or English letters and if you wish you can add a phone number too. Call our staff if you have a query regarding the spelling or choice of color. They are familiar with all our products and will be able to help and guide you to make a purchase that will give you maximum satisfaction.

We wish a hearty mazel tov to the Bar mitzvah boy with many years of proudly wearing his Tefillin and storing them in his Tefillin bag.

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