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Tefillin Protector

Tefillin Protectors - Thermal and Waterproof

Tefillin Protector Bags was a genius invention. Like so many creative discoveries it came in response to a very real need. In the active life-style that is prevalent today, there was a need to provide protection for Tefillin that would withstand movement, extremes in climate and changes in environment. This is a great innovation for boys and men who faithfully wear their Tefillin every day and want to continue also when they are away from their regular home/synagogue/school environment. Soldiers, boys in camps, on hikes or walking trails needed to protect their precious and valuable Tefillin against outdoor conditions, inevitable knocks and bumps and even wading through water.

Enter the inventor of the Thermal Tefillin Protector. We do not know who it was or is but clearly he did a great service to the Jewish public and untold number of boys and men are eternally grateful for this great innovative discovery.

Tefillin.biz invites you to scroll through our choice of thermal Tefillin Protector bags and choose the color or style most appropriate for your personal preference. You will find manly grey, blue, green and gray colors and camouflage shades for the soldier or would-be-soldier. Each one comes with a strong protector Tallit bag too.

The bag is a strong sturdy canvas with a pocket outside to hold a small prayer book. Inside, is a thermos shaped heavy plastic container that will withstand water, knocks and bangs. Unscrew the lid, insert the tefillin snugly and zip up the bag. You can wear it hanging from the shoulder or tucked into your knapsack. Some of our Tefillin Protectors come with a little “extra” that are useful on long trips – a compass, a thermometer, a traveler’s prayer or a comb.

These Tefillin Protector bags make fantastic bar mitzvah, graduation or birthday gifts. Present one to your son when he sets out to camp or to your young soldier. Remember to write his name clearly on the inside cover so that he can easily identify it.

We are grateful to a mother from Baltimore who shared her story with us... I gave my son a Tefillin Protector bag before he left for camp in the Rockie Mountains. He took them with him everywhere saying he always felt protected with the bag hanging from his shoulder. That day, he slipped and fell onto a craggy rock. There was panic and a helicopter had to rescue him. He called me from the hospital and told me jubilantly, “Ma. Everything in my knapsack was lost but thank G-D, my Tefillin are intact!”

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