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Tefillin Accessories

After you have purchased your Tefillin, look through our accessories. You will surely find there items that will be helpful to ensure that your Tefillin will be maintained for years to come with maximum Kashrut.

An important feature of the Tefillin is the black color of the straps and the boxes. This must be maintained so we recommend that as part of your personal Tefillin accessory kit, you purchase one of the black inks of Tefillin.biz.

Kabbalists explain that one of the reasons for the importance of the black color of tefillin is that the boxes contain the sacred Shema prayers written on white parchment. This represents pure Divine light flowing to the world through the black boxes and straps. Physicists explain that black, not really a color, is merely the absence of light that appears black. It absorbs light and does not reflect back any colors. In parallel, the Shema prayer affirms G-ds absolute unity, a Oneness without parts or divisions.

One of the laws regarding wearing Tefillin stipulates the exact position of the Tefillin Shel Rosh the Tefillin box worn on the head. Instead of looking for a mirror to check each time, why not carry a small mirror with you in your Tefillin bag. Tefillin.biz offers a choice of mirrors. Each one comes with a copy of the special prayer recited when wearing the Tefillin.

You will find on our site Tefillin Clips - an effective solution to the problem of the long flowing straps of the Head Tefillin. Many times, they get coiled and entwined. Since it is important for them to fall straight, we recommend our special Tefillin clips to hold the straps. A pretty Star of David design gives this an aesthetic touch.

A delightful Barmitzvah gift the famous Tefillin & Barmitzvah book of stories now translated into English.

If you have queries or would like more information, please call us. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable and are just waiting to help you. In conclusion: The mitzvah of Tefillin is precious to the Jews and throughout the centuries it has been observed with great self-sacrifice. During the years of the Holocaust, Jews would give up their daily ration of bread for the opportunity to don Tefillin that had been smuggled into the camp. When the Germans saw a Jew wearing Tefillin, they would rant and rave. They knew that it represented a spiritual strength on which they had no control. As long as Jews wear Tefillin, the nation will remain a separate entity G-ds Chosen Nation!

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