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Tefillin Straps

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Tefillin Straps

Tefillin comprise four components: parchments, Tefillin of the Head, Tefillin of the Hand and straps. On each, there are scores of complex laws requiring in-depth study and thorough understanding. All questions regarding Tefillin should be addressed to a competent knowledgeable Rabbi.

We strongly recommend that you take those extra few minutes to make sure that your Tefillin carry a reputable accepted Kashrut certificate. Sadly, there are unscrupulous dealers who are labelling as “Kosher,” Tefillin that are Halachically totally unacceptable. Some dealers are well-intentioned but lack the knowledge or expertise to discern fraudulent Tefillin. Purchasing your Tefillin from a reputable company like tefillin.biz will give you peace of mind knowing that every pair carries is guaranteed to be fully Kosher.

The straps of the Tefillin need to be checked from time to time for color, width and quality. The first condition for their kashrut is that their source is a Kosher animal, preferably a calf’s skin. The process of preparing the straps for use should be performed, or at least begun, “lishma” – with intention that this is intended for a holy purpose.

After a time, even the best quality Tefillin straps with the most praiseworthy certification may crack and show signs of wear and tear. If they crack in various places, it is time to change them. If you have any doubts, consult a competent Rabbi. Tefillin.biz offers a choice of three straps – “retzu’ot” is the official name.

The most highly praised and worthy are the hand-made straps. Tefillin.biz offers two option – painted black on one side or on both sides. Much more human labor is involved in producing these and this is reflected in the significantly higher price. The less costly option is made from the low hide or the top hide.

To keep those dangling Tefillin straps straight so that they should not become tangled, we offer a pretty set of Tefillin Strap clips with a striking Star of David design.

Tefillin is one of the special expressions of closeness that G-d gave the Jewish people. The late Rebbe of Chabad is known for the enormous efforts he expended In order to increase awareness and observance of this unique Mitzvah. In 1967, in the weeks and days preceding the Six Day War, he launched the first of his mitzvah campaigns. His goal was to enable every Jew, even the non-observant, to don Tefillin at least once in his lifetime. In response to this call, Chabad followers stand in public place all over the world and invite passing Jews to wear Tefillin. For many, it is an emotional and nostalgic experience. For some, it is the beginning of a long journey of return to their roots. Without a doubt, when a Jew wears Tefillin, it triggers a response in his soul and in the Heavens above.

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