Sephardi Basic Tefillin Peshutim

Sephardi Basic Tefillin Peshutim

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Kosher Tefillin Pesutim Ashkenaz version are intended primarily for those with limited funds. They are made using several strips of parchment to fashion the inner walls of the head tefillin. These are glued within a slit square to divide the box into the four required compartments.
The "Parshiot" are hand written by a scribe, and are Kosher at the most basic level.

The Tefillin come with a free velvet bag

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*Right handed people place the tefillin on the left arm. (choose For Right Handed)

*Left-handed people place the tefillin on the right arm. (choose For Left Handed)


By Peer Hastam
Free velvet Tefillin Bag
Made in Israel
Nusach: Sephardi

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Matching Bag
Mirror Tefillin Prayer
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I made a mistake

I bought the cheap Tefillin although the Rabbi warned me that they were not for long-term use. I soon regretted the purchase and bought a good quality pair.

Service is great, toda!

Better quality than you would expect for the price.

Excellent telephone staff

I know very little about Tefillin so before my son’s bar mitzvah age I called you for guidance and info. I know that the info is written on the web site but I like to speak to a person. Thank you for being so patient and helpful.

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