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High quality Tefillin designed with Bar Mitzvah Boys in mind.
Certified kosher and correct after proofreading by a qualified expert.

Professionally made by "Peer Hastam".

Fashioned under the strict supervision of a certified Mishmereth STaM scribe.

Choosing between style of ktav, Beit Yosef or Ari? Click here

*Right handed people place the tefillin on the left arm. (choose For Right Handed)

*Left-handed people place the tefillin on the right arm. (choose For Left Handed)

ItemIDSizeSample Price Amount
TEF-BAR2-ARCKtav Ari, hand strap Clockwise Wrapping Style (default)$207.0
TEF-BAR2-ARCCKtav Ari, hand strap CounterClockwise Wrapping Style$207.0
TEF-BAR2-BYCCKtav Beit Yossef, hand strap CounterClockwise Wrapping Style (default)$207.0
TEF-BAR2-BYCKtav Beit Yossef, hand strap Clockwise Wrapping Style$207.0
Additional Items (special price, valid only with purchase of primary item):
  • Dark Blue Velvet Tefillin Bag     Price: $2.6    
  • Dark Blue Velvet Tallit & Tefillin Bags Set     Price: $13    
  • Dark Blue Velvet Kippah     Price: $5.2    
  • Black Velvet Kippah     Price: $5.2    
  • Tefillin Strap Clips     Price: $14.3    
  • Tefillin Prayer with Mirror     Price: $3.8    
    Special Features:
  • Upgrade to Retzuos Elyon (top hide straps)     Price: $19.5    
  • Embroider a name on Kippah - (extra 4 days on delivery, price per letter)     Price: $1.3     click here
  • Embroider a name on Tallit Bag - (extra 4 days on delivery, price per letter)     Price: $1.3     click here
  • Embroider a name on Tefillin Bag (extra 4 days on delivery, price per letter) (See Image)     Price: $1.3     click here
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