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Gassot (thick) are each made from one strip of thick leather, with inserts that make them close flat. This is accomplished by a sophisticated manufacturing process that involves repeated application of several tons of pressure in industrial presses. The resulting batim are so rugged and durable that they can be repaired and reconditioned even if seriously damaged. They typically last a lifetime. The straps are fashioned from the upper part of the hide(retsu’ot elion).

Certified kosher and correct after proofreading by a qualified expert.
Size of the Batim - 34-35mm

Each set is accompanied by a computer check certificate and a certificate of the kashruth level.

Professionally made by "Peer Hastam".

To learn more about choosing between the variants of ktav, Beit Yosef and Ari, Click here

*Right handed people place the tefillin on the left arm. (choose For Right Handed)

*Left-handed people place the tefillin on the right arm. (choose For Left Handed)

* "Mehudar" is translated as enhanced

ItemIDSizeOptions Price Amount
TEF-GA-M1Mehudar Level 1

TEF-GA-M2Mehudar Level 2

TEF-GA-M3Mehudar Level 3

Additional Items (special price, valid only with purchase of primary item):
  • Dark Blue Velvet Tefillin Bag     Price: $2.6    
  • Dark Blue Velvet Tallit & Tefillin Bags Set     Price: $13    
  • Dark Blue Velvet Kippah     Price: $3.9    
  • Black Velvet Kippah     Price: $5.2    
  • Tefillin Strap Clips     Price: $14.3    
  • Tefillin Prayer with Mirror     Price: $3.8    
    Special Features:
  • Upgrade to Retzuos Avodas Yad - hand made (See Image)     Price: $91    
  • Upgrade to Retzuos Avodas Yad - hand made - Black on Black (See Image)     Price: $93.6    
  • Rabbeinu Tam Tefillin (extra 7 days on delivery)     Price: $19.4    
  • Embroider a name on Kippah - (extra 4 days on delivery, price per letter)     Price: $1.3     click here
  • Embroider a name on Tallit Bag - (extra 4 days on delivery, price per letter)     Price: $1.3     click here
  • Embroider a name on Tefillin Bag (extra 4 days on delivery, price per letter) (See Image)     Price: $1.3     click here
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